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Sequential Magazine Issue 12 - Summer 2022

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Sequential Magazine Issue 12 - Summer 2022

Sequential Magazine
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Sequential is a digital first magazine dedicated to covering the Canadian indie comic book community. Featuring interviews with Canadian creators as well as other articles. Name your price! Enter 0 for a free download or donate to support our work.

Inside This Issue:

  • Featuring RAID Studio creators Ramón Pérez, Gabe Sapienza, Michelle Vucko
  • Grandway Comics' Jeff Knott and Derek Jessome
  • Brandon Mitchell
  • Adam Ma and Colin Tan Wei
  • Mark Bertolini
  • Jasmine Redford
  • Altruist Comics' Randy Stone
  • Accidental Creations' Ryan Poirier

Download the pdf to any device for reading. Price is pay what you want or download for free and any revenue is used to cover our expenses and future growth.

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