Sequential Magazine Issue 9 - Spring 2021

Sequential Magazine
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Sequential is a quarterly digital first magazine dedicated to covering the Canadian indie comic book community. Featuring interviews with Canadian creators as well as other articles. Name your price! Enter 0 for a free download or donate to support our work.

Inside This Issue:

- Feature Interview with the award winning creators of Ice Massacre the Graphic Novel, Tiana Warner and April Pierce

- A special pride month article celebrating Canadian LGBTQI2S+ creators continuing from our last issue

- A special article about using comic creation in schools to boost creativity and literacy in children

- Interviews with Karl Kerschl (ISOLA), Benjamin Rivers (Snow), Francois Vignault (Titan), Brenda Hickey (Halls of the Turnip King), Ron Kasman (Tower of Comic Book Freaks) & AC Turner (Frightmare City)

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Sequential Magazine Issue 9 - Spring 2021

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